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Ludwigshafen, 18.4.2017

Siān Viola Saturn Luyken, Generation 13, Ref.Nr. 13-035a (BK0484) Branch WA-A

Born: 11.11.1980 in Inverness (Scotland)

Occupation: Manager in a supermarket of Tesco in Ullapool

Father: Reiner Luyken
Mother: Sheileagh Gunn

Spouse: James Curley
Married: 20.9.2008 in Inchnadamph (Scotland)

Florence Curley (*2009)
Alexander Curley (*2011)
Aonghus Curley (*2015)
Charlotte Curley (*2017)

Siān's and James' Wedding

What a Memorable Wedding
By Jo Fraser

The Highland hills, scenery and autumnal heather on our drive up to Inchnadamph were superb - until we met the rain! The litlle church recently simply and perfectly restored, with outside its special memorial to fallen WW2 pilots is a gem. Inside the kirk were beautifully arranged flowers grown by Sheileagh and arranged by her and her kind helpers. These pretty arrangements were repeated wherever we went thru'out the day. The Gunn sorority majored in big hats- Grandma Betty, Aunt Rhiannon and M-of-B. Then the wedding service; the wedding party having arrived on pretty good time - just enough to let us all have a good chatter with our neighbours, whilst trying to place names/faces from years long gone by. Lots of chortling babies in the congregation, as is right at a wedding, none of whom shouted "No" at the all important "Speak now or forever, bit". A down to earth jovial cleric had lots of practical advice in his homily. Three "T's"-Tolerance, keep Talking, - forgotten the third! However in his Biblical speil he had clearly had a Dawkins bypass.

So Siān and James were duly married according to our Scottish laws and permitted to share a kiss - this always seems a little bit of nonsense, since usually the couple have been living together land syne and kissing would be the least of it. Then a piper-led March by Achiltibuie Pipe Major Bruce, both friend and neighbour, to the champagne reception in the Annexe to Inchnadamph House, again all pretty with flowers and ivy drapes. The champagne flowed. Slight shortage of seats for wilting elderly, but found a window sill! Splendid speech from father of the Bride - touched every button and much appreciated and applauded.

Then off to the main house for a splendid meal, all locally sourced, prepared and delicious - my helping of salmon would have fed a hard working plouhman for a day. Again, the generosity was apparent. Generous sloshes of Malt offered at the end of the feast. Then the piper led us all back to the Annex where the night was danced away. A most memorable wedding.

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Scotland, 31.12.2006
Siān and James

Scotland, 14.8.2007
House of a former hunt supervisor
which both are renewing

Inchnadamph, Scotland, 20.9.2008

Inverness, Scotland
Florence and Siān



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• Wedding report, family bulletin 2008, page 278 (German)

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