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Andrea Luyken (*1990)
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Ludwigshafen, 21.3.2008

Andrea Luyken, Generation 14, Ref.Nr. 14-402a (BK1072) Branch WB-O

Father: Walter Luyken
Mother: Mónica Ramírez de Arellano

Born: 15.3.1990 in Cologne (Germany)

Location: Brauweiler (near Cologne), Germany

Brauweiler near Cologne, 29.4.2001
Mónica, Andrea, Jan and Walter

Biography Andrea Luyken

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Picture Gallery Andrea Luyken

Euenheim near Cologne, 17.6.1990
Andrea's Christening

Braschaat, Belgium, ca. 1992
Jan and Andrea

Mexico City, 25.12.1993
In the grandparents' garden

Brauweiler near Cologne, 27.2.1995
Rose Monday

Brauweiler near Cologne, 11.4.1999
First Communion

Ludwigshafen, 30.5.2004
Andrea und Jan

Bonn, December 2007
National Foreign Languages Contest
Award ceremony (1st price)

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Andrea Luyken First Price at the National Foreign Languages Contest 2007 (German)

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