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Dyderich van Knyppenburg (1400-1453)
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Ludwigshafen, 25.2.2007

Dyderich van Knyppenburg, Ref.Nr. BK1534

Father: Ruthger van der Knippenborgh
Mother: Gertrud ?

Spouse: Alheyde ?

Diderich van der Knippenborch (14??-1491)
Elsken van der Knippenborch (?-?)

Born: 1400 in ?
Died: 14.9.1453 in Bottrop (Germany)

Married ? in ?

Biography Dyderich van Knyppenburg

• 1430 Goswin Stecke, Erbmarschall of the Land of Kleve appointed Dietrich von der Knippenburg for 1.00 Gulden gold with the Castle of Horne (Horneburg) in the Veste Recklinghausen with the ordinance to defend and keep it.

Source: Schloß Knippenburg in GenWiki (see lower)

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