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Henrich van der Knippenborch (?- after 1398)
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Ludwigshafen, 18.2.2007

Henrich van der Knippenborch, Ref.Nr. BK1540

Father: Rutger van der Knippenburg
Mother: ?

Spouse: Jutta op dem Berge

Ruthger van der Knippenborgh (ca. 1368-1415)

Born: 13?? in ?
Died: After 1398 in ?

Married ? in ?

Occupation: Vassal (liege) of the monastery Essen and of the city of Duisburg

Biography Henrich van der Knippenborch

Heinrich von der Knippenburg obtained 1382 from Duke Engelbert von der Mark the tenth in the Kirchspielen Osterfeld and Bottrop as allodial ownership, as the family of Unverzagt had owned it as vasalls. Not until 1603 was the tenth sold to the House of Vondern.

1385 foundation of the Vicary of the Three Holy Kings in the castle chapel by Wessel and Heinrich von der Knippenburg under concent of the patron and pastor of the Mother Church in Osterfeld.

Source: Schloß Knippenburg in GenWiki (s.u.)

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