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Walter Kleemann (1912-1944)
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Picture gallery Walter Kleemann

Ludwigshafen, 24.9.2006

Walter Kleemann, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10150 (BK0869) Branch WL EL

Father: Walter A. Kleemann
Mother: Anna Lichtenberg

Spouse: U. J.

Born: 26.2.1912 in Ludwigsburg (Germany)
Died: 12.11.1944 during the English plane attack on the Tirpitz off Norway (Age: 32 years)

Married: 29.4.1938 in ?

Occupation: Lieutenant commander engineer

Picture Gallery Walter Kleemann

The Tirpitz off Norway, 1944

The Tirpitz beeing camouflaged in a Norwegian fiord, 1944

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