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Ernst Jungk (1896-1942)
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Biography Ernst Jungk

Ludwigshafen, 25.10.2006

Ernst Jakob Jungk, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-216s (BK1208)

Father: Ernst Jungk
Mother: Margaretha Elisabetha Heck

Spouse: Louise Luyken

Kurt Jungk (*1934)

Born: 12.1.1896 in Mainz (Germany)
Died: 15.11.1942 (killed north of Alytus in Lithuania) (Age: 46 years)

Married: 1.2.1930 in Mainz (Germany)

Occupation: Civil Engineer, captain

Biography Ernst Jungk

• Born 12.1.1896 / 02:30 in Mainz (Germany)
• Civil Engineer Technische Hochschule (Technical University) Darmstadt (Germany)
• Burschenschaft (student fraternity) Rheno-Guestfalia Darmstadt
• Technical supervisor of the leather guild in Mainz
• Fell as a courier officer in a plane crash near Punia, north of Alvtus (formerly Olita) in Lithuania
• Rests at the soldier cemetery in Kaunas (formerly Kowno) / Lithuania

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