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Else Hartleb (1912-2002)
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Ludwigshafen, 12.1.2007

Else Hartleb, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-260 (BK0328) Branch Leu-C KL

Father: Carl Hartleb
Mother: Helene Luyken

Spouse: Peter Scheben

Born: 20.5.1912 in Kleve(Germany)
Died: 27.10.2002 in Xanten (Germany) (Age: 90 years)

Married: 18.2.1970 in Bad Münstereifel (Germany)

Picture Gallery Else Hartleb

Else Hartleb, Herta Otto,
Ruth Hartleb, Ursula Leuken

Paul Weyer, Friedrich Weyer,
Ruth Hartleb,
Ernst Weyer, Luise Leuken,
Hulda Leuken, Else Hartleb,
Elisabeth Leuken, Herta Otto

Xanten, summer 1989
Sister Ruth, Elke Schildt and Else

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