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Karla Freiin Rüdt von Collenberg (*1947)
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Ludwigshafen, 27.9.2008

Karla Freiin Rüdt von Collenberg, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-285s (BK0675)

Father: Adolf Freiherr Rüdt von Collenberg
Mother: Gisela Freifrau von Blankensee

Spouse: Klaus Hilger

Gyso Hilger (*1973)
Sebastian Hilger (*1974)

Born: 25.5.1947 in Buchen/Odenwald (Germany)

Married: 6.6.1970 (civil) / 7.6.1970 (religious) in Lahr/Schwarzwald (Germany)

Occupation: Teacher

Biography Karla Freiin Rüdt von Collenberg

Karla finished grammar school in Lahr and then studied at the Pedagogical University in Heidelberg where she graduated 1970 as a primary school teacher. In the same year she married Klaus. She was a teacher in Mannheim and in Altenahr until her 2nd examination and recognition as a public servant. After the birth of her first son Gyso and 19 months later of the second son Sebastian she decided to quit her service as a teacher to be able to commit herself to the education of her children. When both entered the Walldorf School in Darmstadt and she learned that the position of a teacher for protestant religion calsses was vacant she applied for it and kept it until her retirement in 2006. Besides that she staged performances for the 8th and 12th degrees and also was involved in the school administration. Since 2006 she lives with Klaus in the beautiful Odenwald and occupies herself with the history of her family and the administraion of the castle.

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Gyso, Klaus, Karla and Sebastian

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