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Christopher Luyken (*1992)
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Ludwigshafen, 29.11.2020

Christopher Hans Luyken, Generation 14, Ref.Nr. 14-404a (BK1078) Branch WB-O

Born: 21.7.1992 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: ?

Father: Walter Robert Luyken
Mother: Lynn Acton

Spouse: Meghan Maitland
Married: 07.07.2018 in Waterloo Park, Ontario, Canada

Alexander Luyken (*2020)

Picture Gallery Christopher Luyken

Barrie, Ontario, 21.7.1993
On his 1st birthday

Barrie, Ontario, 24.12.1993
Christopher and Robert

Barrie, Ontario, 21.7.1996
Christopher's birthday

Waterloo, Ontario, July 1995

Waterloo, Ontario, July 1996

Waterloo, Ontario, November 1997

Waterloo, Ontario, 1998

Waterloo, Ontario, 1999

Waterloo, Ontario, August 2000

Waterloo, Ontario, August 2001

Waterloo, Ontario, July 2002

Waterloo, Ontario, 2003

Waterloo, Ontario, July 2004

Ontario, 2005

Ontario, 2006

Ontario, July 2007

Barrie, Ontario, 21.5.2007
Hermann, Christopher, Carly,
Irma and Hans

Mississauga, Ontario, 26.5.2007

Barrie, Ontario, 27.5.2007

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