Luyken Family Association

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Ludwigshafen, 14.12.2014

Contributions are always welcome!

Please transfer donations to the following account in Germany:

Familienkasse Luyken
Postbank Koeln
IBAN: DE03 3701 0050 0002 4075 08

Please annotate your name and address on the transfer order or let us know by email or letter!

With your contributions not only the printing and shipment of the family bulletin is financed but also making it available to members who cannot afford any support.

In spite of all board members working on a volunteer basis the administration of the greater family generates costs. We therefore ask all family members to contribute within their possibilities to the financing of the family association. A yearly contribution with a reference amount of 30 € per household seems adequate but can be higher or lower according to your possibilities. The sending of the family bulletin is not dependent on the contribution amount.