Luyken Family Association

Family Charter
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Ludwigshafen, 21.1.2007

According to the resolution of the family council on June 6th 1993. New version of the charter passed in the family meeting from 1981 and published in the bulletin of 1987.


The Luyken/Leuken Family Association comprises all descendants of Hendrich Luyken (ca. 1550-1607) and Anna von der Knippenburg (1565-1627), which are all those with the name Luyken/Leuken by birth or marriage or who were so named before marrying as well as spouses from Luykens/Leukens by birth and their descendants. The association was founded 1913.


The family Luyken/Leuken is represented by a family board which is elected and which has to encourage family cohesion. In pursuit of this goal it has to:

a) Publish at least once yearly a bulletin in succession of the "Chronikblätter für die Familie Luyken und ihre Anverwandten" which appears since 1921 and which contains family news about births, marriages, deaths, results of family research as well as general interesting contributions as reports on family celebrations, experiences, biographies of the deceased and similar reports;

b) to publish if possible all 5 years an address index of the family;

c) to gather information on the inventory of family members (entries, exits) and to forge family research;

d) to prepare and carry out the family meetings (s. §5);

e) to execute the resolutions of the family council.


The family council is comprised of a chairman, his representative and three more members (assessors). In addition five more family members of the younger generations are to be elected into the board as possible successors.

All members of the board should be name bearers or Luyken/Leuken by birth if possible and to belong to different family branches.

The family board and eventual successors to the board are elected during the family council session in every family meeting. Reelection is possible.

The family board elects a record keeper and a treasurer. If necessary one board member can fill two positions.

The chairman cares for the correct accomplishment of the tasks of the board. He calls the board to a meeting as often as the situation requires it or a member of the board requests. A board meeting is not necessary if all members declare their approbation in written form. Vote majority is decisive. If there is vote equity the chariman's vote decides.

The board is quorate if three members are present.

The record keeper is, in addition to the correspondence, responsible for the updating of the family inventory and address index as well as for a yearly compilation of the personal status (births, marriages, deaths and biographies) which is published in the family bulletin. He writes a protocol of each meeting of the board and of the family council which ist countersigned by the chairman.

The treasurer manages the family financial resources (s. §4). He has to report about income and expenditures to the family council and has to ask for discharge.

The assessors support the named board members by petition in their work and work as advisors in the family board. The family board works voluntarily. Expenditures for the family are reimbursed against receipt.

Travel expenses for board members who live away from the meeting place can be reimbursed with the travel expenses from the family treasure by request.


The revenues of the family treasure consist of

a) the compulsory contribution of each autonomous family member resp. each family;

b) the costs contribution for publications (family bulletin, bulletin index, address index);

c) donations.

The family council decides on the ammount of the compulsory contribution. The ammount of the contribution to the publication costs is accordingly to the printing and sending costs. The family treasure can make a subvention to the family meetings if the inventory allows.


The family meeting intends to unite as many members of the Luyken/Leuken Family Association as possible to foster togetherness, to strengthen the familiar sense and to build up interpersonal relations. It should take place every three years and consists of convivial gatherings, communal enterprises and the family council.

The family board convokes to the events of the family meeting in accordance to the dispositions of the family council and in agreement with the family members who organize the meeting.


The family council in which all family members have the opportunity to make suggestions on behalf of the extended family has mainly the following objectives:

a) election of the family board;

b) discharge of the treasurer concerning the administration of the family tresure;

c) decision on the compulsory contribution to the family treasure and extraordinary expenditures;

d) decision on the date and place of the next family meeting after hearing of the proposing family members whereas the chairman can be entitled to make changes because of important causes;

e) decision on changes to the family chart. These require two thirds majority.

The family council is directed by the chairman of the family association or by his representative. The family board decides on the minutes of meeting. These include the reading and approbation of the session protocol of the last family council and of a report of the chairman on the last term.

Proposals to the family council can normally only be regarded in the minutes of meeting if submitted in written form at least four weeks in advance of the family council meeting.

The family council decides according to the absolute majority (in exception of changes to the family chart). If votes are equal the proposal is declined. If there is equalitiy of vote on election of persons the chairman draws a deciding lot. On request the election of persons to the family board will be by ballot.

All family members with the name Luyken/Leuken by birth or marriage or who were named Luyken/Leuken before marriage as well as their spouses from born Luykens/Leukens and their descendants who are present at the family council are entitled to vote if they are at least 16 years old or will become 16 years old in the year of the family meeting.

The resolutions of the family council must be published in the next family bulletin.


It is expected from every member of the family association that they will follow the duties implied by this chart; that they show an interest for the extended family beyond the own family, that they try to connect and aid by assisting to the events and by contributing to the publications as possible.