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Carl Stockmeyer (1798-1857)
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Ludwigshafen, 20.4.2010

Carl Heinrich Adolf Stockmeyer, Generation 8, Ref.Nr. 08-026s (BK2153)

Born: 2.2.1798 in ?
Died: 27.7.1857 in ? (Age: 59 years)

Occupation: Preacher in Haustenbeck, superintendent in Bega (Lippe) (Germany)

Father: Johann Karl Ludwig Stockmeyer
Mother: ?

Spouse: Elise Meister
Married: 28.5.1828 in Heiden/Lippe (Germany)

Bernhard Stockmeyer (1829-1859)
August Stockmeyer (1831-?)
Christian Stockmeyer (1833-?)
Leopold Stockmeyer (1835-1866)
Ludwig Stockmeyer (1837-?)
Maria Stockmeyer (1839-?)
Caroline Stockmeyer (1841-?)
Friedrich Stockmeyer (1843-?)
Carl Stockmeyer (1845-?)

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As young pastor in Meinberg (Germany)

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