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Eduard Carp (1847-1924)
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Ludwigshafen, 17.10.2009

Eduard Carp, Generation 9, Ref.Nr. 09-014s (BK1322)

Born: 30.8.1847 in Wesel (Germany)
Died: 3.8.1924 in Steinbach in the Eifel (Germany) (Age: 76 years)

Occupation: Privy justice council

Father: Georg Carp
Mother: Elise Bäumer

1. Spouse: Anna Luyken
Married: 17.8.1876 in ?

Daughter (1877-1877)

2. Spouse: Alma Haniel
Married: 12.5.1880 in ?

• Erna Carp (1881-?)
• Adda Carp (1883-?)
• Werner Carp (1886-?)
• Hildegard Carp (1891-?)

Biography Eduard Carp

Eduard Carp was born on 30th August 1847 as the son of industrialist and judge Georg Carp in Wesel (Germany). After studying law he worked as judge in the then still separate Ruhrort. He was attorney for the Haniel family and for 32 years leading manager and associate partner of the company. His advice also was asked for in many public agencies (among others the Ruhrort Chamber of Commerce) and in the private sector (among others as president of the mine board of the union Zollverein). For many years he also was comunal-politically active in Duisburg: as deputy (1893 until 1899), city council (1895 until 1901), county council deputy (1891-1907), county deputy (1903-1909).

1905 Eduard Carp and his wife moved to Düsseldorf-Derendorf. He died on the 3rd August 1924 in his second residence Steinbach House in Arloff in the Eifel. He was buried in the North Cemetery of Düsseldorf.

On 13th July 1905 the City Council of Ruhrort decided to "rename the part of the Oberdamm Street (today Kraus Street) from the Milk Street up to the Port Street into Carp Street in honor of Mr. Carp". Today, the Carp Street leads as a blind alley from the Kraus Street to the Dr.-Hammacher Street.

The former evangelical School on the Carp Street was inaugurated on 26th July 1905. It was originated by his funding. In May 1900 the negotiations with the Haniel heirs started about the purchasing of the premises. On the occasion of its 80-year anniversary the school, which in the mean time was a public primary school, was a renamed to Carp School. Nevertheless the school was closed in 1996 following the changes in educational politics. The building itself though is used by the School of Ruhrort.

Source: Street names of the City of Duisburg (German)

Location of the Carp School and the Carp Street in Duisburg (Germany)

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