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Wilhelm Meister (1827-1895)
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Ludwigshafen, 17.9.2009

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Meister, Generation 9, Ref.Nr. 09-036 (BK2098) Ast W EL

Born: 17.2.1827 in Hamburg (Germany)
Died: 3.1.1895 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) (Age: 67 years)

Occupation: Tradesman, cofounder of the Teerfarbenfabrik Meister, Lucius & Co., later Höchst AG.

Father: Carl Meister
Mother: Juliane Oppermann

Spouse: Marie Becker
Married: 3.9.1861 in Fankfurt am Main (Germany)

Wilhelm von Meister (1863-1935)
Maximiliane von Meister (1864-1942)
Herbert von Meister (1866-1919)

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Tomb in
Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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