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Karl-Heinz Luyken (1907-1980)
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Ludwigshafen, 1.1.2009

Karl-Heinz Luyken, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-048 (BK0392) Branch WA-E

Father: Karl Luyken
Mother: Carola von Nordheim

Spouse: Gretchen Evers

E. Luyken (*1941)
U. Luyken (*1953)

Born: 20.9.1907 in Berlin (Germany)
Died: 24.7.1980 in Borken/Westfalen (Germany) (Age: 72 years)

Married: 5.1952 in ?

Occupation: ?

Picture Gallery Karl-Heinz Luyken

Borken, 1962
Karl-Heinz, Gretchen and U.

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Letters Karl-Heinz Luyken

Heidelberg, den 14.6.1926

Dear Hans!

Even as it has been a while since I wanted to tell you that shortly before Pentecost I went to the Corps Rez.
How are you doing in the whole? What is the long knife doing? Please let me hear about you soon!
On my lastz 4 duels which I have fought so far I was very lucky as I only had 3 stitches.
Aren't you coming soon to Heidelberg to see the castle lightning as you were planning?
How are aunt Luise and aunt Hedwig doing? Please greet them from my part.
Now I have to go to the duel. Therefore I quit. Many sincere greetings from your faithful cousin

Kurt-Heinz Luyken

P.S. Hopefully the circle I draw behind your name is right!

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