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Fritz Lehwald (1890-1914)
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Ludwigshafen, 22.4.2007

Fritz Lehwald, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-088 (BK1595) Branch WA EL

Father: Max Lehwald
Mother: Hedwig Berring

Born: 31.5.1890 in Koblenz (Germany)
Died: 21.10.1914 in Poëlchapelle (Flanders, Belgium) (Age: 24 years)

Occupation: Lieutenant

Biography Fritz Lehwald

Fritz first went to Kaiserin-Augusta grammar school in Koblenz, then since 1903 Aldophinum grammar school in Moers where he graduated 1910. On 11.2.1910 Fritz enlisted in Rhein. Inf.-Rgt. 68 and absolved his officer exam on 1.7.1911 after visiting war school in Engers. On 20.8.1911 he was promoted to lieutenant. At begin of World War I Firtz was ordered to Res.-Inf.-Rgt. 235 as an adjutant to II. Batl. This regiment came after its training to Flanders in October 1914 where it was immediately involved in heavy battle near Poëlchapelle against Englishmen and Frenchmen. Since almost all leaders had fallen, Fritz was given the leadership of the II. batallion.

Fritz is missing since 21.10.1914. On request there has been no answer neither from his regiment nor form another authority [Iron Cross].

Source: Report family bulletin 1921, page 39 (German)

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