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Hermann Luyken (1897-1916)
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  • Ludwigshafen, 1.7.2006

    Hermann Luyken, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-111 (BK0946) Branch WB-O

    Father: Hermann Luyken
    Mother: Julie Hinsen

    Born: 6.2.1897 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld (Germany)
    Died: 10.4.1916 in Verdun (France) (Age: 19 years)

    Julie, Hermann, Hermann jr., Gertrud und Walter

    Biography Hermann Luyken

    Hermann died as a young soldier during World War I. The battles of Verdun, which started on 12.2.1916 and ended in December 1916, took the lives of 162 000 French and 100 000 German soldiers.

    From the Chronikblatt 1939/4:

    Hermann Luyken

    Born 6.2.1897 in Hemmern i. W. (son from Hermann L. (X 68, Bd. 1, S:118) and Julie Hinsen), he volunteered to the 11er Husaren in Wesel and finished college while there. Just after recovering from a fall in the Senne* he went to the front line against Russia in September 1915 with the 46th Cavalry Division. Being later moved to the Infantry Regiment 159 he came west early 1916 with them to the Chemin des Dames. After victoriously leading as a flag officer a raid on 9.4. on the "Pfefferrücken" he was killed the next day by a shell in a shelter. His promotion and condecoration by the E.K., which he was nominated for, didn't reach him any more.

    * Senne: Landscape in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (Germany)
    1890 the military from the Deutsches Reich decided to make a training center for troops on the Senne which began working in 1892 and had about 50 km². Access to mostly uninhabited land was restricted. In the 1930's the territory was enlarged and inhabitants were moved. Haustenbeck was evacuated. Since then the militarily used area consists of about 115 km², almost half of the Senne. Today nominated as a national park.

    Picture Gallery Hermann Luyken

    Hermann and Walter
    ca. 1906

    ca. 1912

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