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Ludwigshafen, 28.6.2009

Hermann Arnold Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-068 (BK0928) Branch WB-O

Born: 28.12.1872 in Rüthen, Westphalia (Germany)
Died: 21.6.1955 in Wuppertal-Vohwinkel (Age: 83 years)

Occupation: Real estate broker

Father: Otto Luyken
Mother: Hulda Hassel

Spouse: Julie Hinsen
Married: 11.12.1894 in ?

Hedwig Luyken (1895-1965)
Hermann Luyken (1897-1916)
Margarethe Luyken (1900-1900)
Walter Luyken (1901-1970)
Gertrud Luyken (1904-1993)

Picture Gallery Hermann Luyken

ca. 1894
Julie and Hermann

Back side


ca. 1905
Julie, Hermann,
Hermann jr., Gertrud and Walter

ca. 1915
Julie, Walter, Hedwig,
Gertrud, Hermann jr. and Hermann

ca. 1915
Hermann as soldier with flowers guirland

ca. 1921
Trude and Hermann

Julie's 60th birthday

Rear: Wilhelm's 1st son, Hedwig, Wilhelm Christ,
Walter Ehrenberg, Trude, Wilhelm's 2nd son,
Ruth Hinsen, Paul Ehrenberg
Front: Hermann, Berta Ehrenberg geb. Hinsen,
Julie, Martha Krippendorf geb. Hinsen,
Walter Hinsen

Rear: Marliese, Trude, Hedwig,
Walter Hinsen and Frau
Front: Julie and Hermann

Mexico City, March 1937
Frau Henkel, Walter, Hermann
Vorne: Hans and Hermann

Back side
Tante? Henkel Freandin von Elli...

Mexico City, 1937
Esteban's son (worker),
Hans, Hermann and Hermann

Mexico City, 1937
At the chicken stall in Walters house

Mexico City, 1937
With Walter, Hans and Hermann

With Hedwig? and ?

In the middle as soldier

ca. 1940

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Letters Hermann Luyken

Letter from 13-year-old Hermann to his father

Brilon, 2. February 1886

Dear Dad!

On your (fiftieth) birthday I wish you much happiness and blessings. Ewald and I have made a jigsaw-work for you. Albert Elsbach lent us his jigsaw for that. Tomorrow there is market here. Bendix is still the same. How is mother? It seems we are coming to you on Easter, hopefully with good grades. Grandmother has sent grandfather a pair of socks. Grandfather will surely have sent the papers to Rüthen. The pigs were very expensive, dear mom. Your son greeets you

Hermann Luyken.

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald


I would have delight in visiting you somewhen in Berlin during the winter. My personnel is once more complete: Valentin with the cows, Juiken, Bertha and Schmacken on day labour. About 50 hundredweight potatoes are sorted out in the basement. The cows can get full out there with the mild weather. The boar already weighs 500 pounds. While hunting I shot a hare and a rabbit, there are few hares this year. Dad ordered a Langhahn (a kind of chicken), mom was upset.

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald


On 25th 1. I will visit you in Berlin, I have ordered a roundway ticket. I sold the bull. I will bring along something neat for us to eat. Today evening there is a theater event at the windmill in Hemmern

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald


I sowed twenty Morgen yesterday with the machine. I am participating at the hunt in Rellinghausen in the 4th place and am shooting a lot of hens and hares at the big hunting place. Smalleared rode off yesterday again to Wesel then to Gewelsberg. The sheep trading is going very calmly, I have 700 and want to clear up in October. I orderd a new frock coat with Isaak for the wedding of Walter Hinsen. Because his father-in-law is very ill the marriage followed at once and on the day arranegd for the wedding the burial of the father-in-law took place.When I met Albert in Velbert he told me to tell you he has something for you in Velbert: The only daughter of a millionaire who wants to marry only a physician. I already told him you would like to marry according to you taste and not because of the money.

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald

the 5th December 1902

You probably have heard about the fire at full length. We are sitting in the Aschenhütte (cinder cottage?), the cattle is staying in the sheep barn but many souvenirs are burnt. We are planning to build up again in spring-time. The cattle should then be well arranged in a big barn. The new house must have a well built basement. You are working on your doctoral thesis and want to work again at Dr. Weiss' medical practice. Just come soon, we have a lot to talk about.

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald

28th December 1902

It seems to me the time has come to sell. We would have the fire insurance of 18 000.- Mark and could start something with it. Building swallows up a lot of money, you can become bankrupt. The agriculture has yielded little, I am glad if I can preserve the capital stock. You earn better with commerce. For the children it would be better not to live in such a secluded area. You want to give them along a good education on their path of life.

Letter in Hemmern to Ewald


I worked with energy on the selling plans for the farm because I cannot keep it on the long run. I would have to pay the interests on a capital of 95 000.- Mark. Sigmund Reipp would pay a price of 130 000.- Mark including the inventory. If he payed 150 000.- Mark I would sell. Then I could pay out everybody in cash. The excavation is done for an eventual basement but I don't think it is wise to invest much money.

Vohwinkel, 10.5.1903

Vohwinkel, the 10th May 1903

Business is going slowly, it is difficult to get customers. We are offering screened sand of the Rhine and building materials, have a marble polishing workshop going and sell memorials of sandstone and granite. Männe is going to school and is painting letters. The parents are now living in Rüthen. I haven't heard details.

Letter from Vohwinkel to Ewald

the 2.10.1904

The news of your engagement took me very much by surprise, I am astonished! The children cheered a lot on hearing the news: We have a new aunt! We are curious about more news and about your bride. Therfore you traveled so frequently to Bielefeld! I want to go to Büren to the market and am talking little Walter with me to Rüthen.

Vohwinkel, 6.11.1904

Vohwinkel, the 6.11.1904

Dear Ewald!

Actually I wanted to come to Enger on November 3rd to get to know your parents-in-law and foremost your bride. Then the dispatch of your father-in-law came in that you were not coming. I felt sorry for that. Dad was very delighted with your choice. On May 1st we hope to get into Walter's house in the Karolinen Street, I bought the house for good value from him. Then we can also lodge our guests better. I am content with the business matters. When I was in Rüthen little grandmother fell down the stairs with great rumbling, she wasn't harmed. It is difficult to get along with her. The old one (the father) is very nervous and lying in bed. Julchen ans I wish you all a merry being together in Enger.

With best regards!

Your brother Hermann.

Vohwinkel, 3.12.1904

Vohwinkel, the 3rd December 1904

Dear Ewald!

I very much agree on your dear Elisabeth, she has my full sympathy. You will get along well with each other. Mom wants to visit us so we are looking forwar for it. I can already see her standing delighted before the shopping windows. You must be working a lot and also have to write many letters! But this is one of the pleasant avtivities. Your former patient Müller here went bankrupt and cheated Multing with 7 000.- Mark. Walter sold me his house for 15 000.- Mark ans is building a little villa in his garden. The sheep business was flaw because of lacking fodder, I couldn't earn anything.

With best regards also from Julchen!

Your brother Hermann

Vohwinkel, 24.3.1908

Vohwinkel, 22.3.1920
Letter to Hans on behalf of his confirmation
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Vohwinkel, 22.5.1920

Vohwinkel, 5.2.1924

Vohwinkel, the 5.2.1924

My dear Hans!

The French are always getting more annoying. They have confiscated 80 appartments. Between Christmas and New Year I went hunting. We shot 8 deer and 5 rabbits. But because of the sheep I am glad that the deep snow has melted. The economy is bad, people all have no money. Trude is going to the music high school in Cologne. Walter is all day long in agriculture. But the products of agriculture are too cheap and taxes are too high. That is not a healthy relation. Our grandson is to be called Carl-Wilhelm Kölker, the christening is arranged for on sunday. I am very happy with the kid, our grandchildren must chase the French out of the land. You dear youngsters have great and difficult tasks.

The dearest greetings!

from your uncle Hermann.

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