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Marie-Luise Kölker (1921-1996)
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Ludwigshafen, 22.10.2023

Marie-Luise Kölker, Generation 12, Ref.Nr. 12-053a (BK0969) Branch WB-O KL

Born: 08.05.1921 in Wuppertal-Vohwinkel (Germany)
Died: 19.01.1996 in Kempten (Germany) (Age: 74 years)

Father: Karl Kölker
Mother: Hedwig Luyken

Spouse: Hans-Georg Küppers
Married: 25.12.1949 in Sindelsdorf near Penzberg (Germany)

Jochen Küppers (1951-2023)
Renate Küppers (*1957)

Stammbaum Marie-Luise Kölker

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Johann Arnold Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Otto Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Hedwig Luyken

Marie-Luise Kölker

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Marie-Luise used to tell the major of Sindelsdorf married them by the civil on Christmas Day in change of a bottle of schnapps and a bar of cigarettes.

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Picture Gallery Marie-Luise Kölker

?, Marie-Luise, Hedwig and H.

Vohwinkel, 6.6.1930
Marie-Luise, H. and Carl-Wilhelm

Hedwig, Carl-Wilhelm, H., Marie-Luise and ?

1935, Marie-Luise's confirmation
Front: Carl-Wilhelm and H.
Middle: ?, Julie, Karl, Marie-Luise, Hedwig, ?, ?
Rear: Hermann, Karl's father, ?, ?

ca. 1936
H. and Marie-Luise

Rear: Marliese, Trude, Hedwig,
Walter Hinsen and Frau
Front: Julie and Hermann

May 1950
Ackermann Fahrzeugbau special exhibition

With son J.

August 1955
Marie-Luise, J. and Hans-Georg

Kempten, 1965
J., Renate and Marie-Luise

Carl-Wilhelm, Marie-Luise and H.

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