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Hedwig Luyken (1895-1965)
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Ludwigshafen, 24.3.2018

Hedwig ("Hetty") Wilhelmine Louise Luyken, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-110 (BK0945) Branch WB-O

Born: 15.9.1895 in Hemmern near Lippstadt (Germany)
Died: 24.3.1965 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld (Age: 69 years)

Father: Hermann Luyken
Mother: Julie Hinsen

Spouse: Karl Kölker
Married: 22.7.1920 in ?

Marie-Luise Kölker (1921-1996)
Carl-Wilhelm Kölker (1924-2007)
H.K. (1929-2009)

Stammbaum Hedwig Luyken

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Johann Arnold Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Otto Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Hedwig Luyken

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Picture Gallery Hedwig Luyken

ca. 1909
Hedwig and Gertrud

ca. 1915
Julie, Walter, Hedwig,
Gertrud, Hermann jr. and Hermann

?, Marie-Luise, Hedwig and H.

Hedwig, Carl-Wilhelm, H., Marie-Luise and ?

Marie-Luise's confirmation
Front: Carl-Wilhelm and H.
Middle: ?, Julie, Karl, Marie-Luise, Hedwig, ?, ?
Rear: Hermann, Karl's father, ?, ?

Rear: Wilhelm's 1st son, Hedwig, Wilhelm Christ,
Walter Ehrenberg, Trude, Wilhelm's 2nd son,
Ruth Hinsen, Paul Ehrenberg
Front: Hermann, Berta Ehrenberg geb. Hinsen,
Julie, Martha Krippendorf geb. Hinsen,
Walter Hinsen

Rear: Marliese, Trude, Hedwig,
Walter Hinsen and Frau
Front: Julie and Hermann

Hedwig,? Hermann and ?

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Letters Hedwig Luyken

Vohwinkel, 4.11.1914

Dear aunt Elisabeth!

I enjoyed your nice and thorough letter. It is good to know how you have mastered your life now. I really would like to follow your freindly invitation but you will understand that as for now it is not possible. A household with no servant maiden is a lot of work. And also I soon will get visit from my freind in Hamburg. Think! Our rail station business has suffered a severe cutback since the new time tables have been introduced. The transport of injured ones are directed through other routes mostly.Now they require us to get vaccined or to quit working there. The 7th Army Corps is supposed to be wholly contaminated. I have decided to quit. There is only little work left! Now the are working neatly for the gift parcel day which will take place on Nov. 26th. There we want to donate among others cigars, tobacco and chewing tobacco. Soldiers on the field are really in need of smoking, if they want to withstand the mephitic air. Now I wanted to ask you if you could provide us with several hundred cigars, tobacco, etc. cheaply from Osterwalds? Provided that this is no trouble for you, of course!! -

Father was drawn three weeks ago. First he was trained in Münster proper and now he comes to Cologne to the 16ies and has to drill there recruits. As for your so tough brother my most sincere congratulations! That must have been a joy when word came about the Iron Cross I. Hermann must have quite developed in the 6 weeks. Too bad he has not been here yet, he hopes to appear on Sunday in New Field Gray. Father already was here twice in gray. The army cloth fits him well! Uncle Ewald is now away as well. We always had hoped to see him but he took another route. Think! A couple of days ago the brother of my freind from Clausthal informed me by telegraph that he was coming through Vohwinkel. He is an ensign. Now that was a funny meeting as we didn't know each other personally. By coincidence I was on duty and could nurish him thoroughly! -

Will you be kind enough to tell me soon if you can provide me with the cigars?

I greet you and your children as well as all your dear ones sincerely

- Your faithf. niece Hety -

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