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Elisabeth Niemöller (1884-1946)
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Ludwigshafen, 19.12.2013

Elisabeth Charlotte Marie Niemöller, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-069s (BK0950)

Born: 5.10.1884 in Enger, Westphalia (Germany)
Died: 13.5.1946 in Stolberg/Harz (Age: 61 years)

Father: Karl Niemöller
Mother: Martha Siebold

Spouse: Ewald Luyken
Married: 2.8.1905 in Enger, Westphalia (Germany)

Hans Luyken (1906-1977)
Liselotte Luyken (1908-2010)
Hildegard Luyken (1911-1998)
Margarete Luyken (1914-2011)

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Enger, 1905
As bride

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Letters Elisabeth Niemöller

Enger, 18.2.1917

Dear Hans!

I just got news that our dear grandfather gently died in Rüthen. So father probably will come soon and I also will travel to Rüthen or Wesel as grandfather wished to be buried in Wesel in the Luykens' crypt in Ruhhof. You will get news about when we get back. Grandfather Niemöller came back yesterday happily and told us a lot about the nice wedding. Your little letter pleased me well and your good notes hopefully also came out well for the others. You all had an exciting week. The little sisters are again blithe only Liselotte is suffering from a furuncle. She wants to write you later. Greet our dear Niemanns warmly. Hopefully we can see each other soon. In love

your mother

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