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Daniel II Luyken (1703-1784)
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Ludwigshafen, 3.3.2010

Daniel II Luyken, Generation 5, Ref.Nr. 05-023 (BK1341)

Born: 6.11.1703 in Wesel (Germany)
Died: 14.1.1784 in Wesel (Age: 80 years)

Occupation: Trader in Wesel

Father: Daniel I Luyken
Mother: Elisabeth Joosten

Spouse: Margaretha Hannes
Married: 4.5.1727 in Wesel

Anna Luyken (1728-1759)
Susanna Luyken (1729-1793)
Anna Maria Luyken (1731-1772)
Daniel III Luyken (1733-1807)
Heinrich Luyken (1735-1800)
Johann Everhard Luyken (1737-1819)

Picture Gallery Daniel II Luyken

Wesel, 25.5.1983
Memorial stone of Daniel II in the Willibrordi Cathedral

Detail of the memorial stone

Family crest on the memorial stone

Wesel, 25.5.1983
Willibrordi Cathedral

Memorial stone in better resolution

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Documents Daniel II Luyken


Henrich Hannes' will (brother of Margaretha),
in which he disinherits Daniel Luyken and his descendants

With kind assessment by
Ruth und Hans-Dieter Budelmann.

In the name of God

so that after my
God-complaisant passing away
my timely legacy
will reach those
granted by my heart
and therefore no
dispute or scuffle
might arise, so I
Heinrich Hannes
who signs at the end
while being thank God
in a healthy body
and commonsense hereby
arguably reasonably
intending to appoint and

Therfore after
careful consideration
and on my own will
I apponit my beloved
only brother the garrison
apothecary Herman
Hannes as my
only true and
universal inheritor
in such an extent that
the same will
obtain my whole
inheritance whatever
it consists of without
exemption and

Daniel Luyken as well
as his children conceived
with my defunct sister
Margareth Luyken,
ne Hannes
will be intendingly
and wholly excluded
from my inheritance.
If the case is
that God's will
is that my beloved
brother and inheritor Herman
Hannes is called by him
before my time has come then
his children and
if also these might
have died on God's will
their children and inheritors
shall be my univerlsal inheritors
and nothing of the fortune
will fall to the Luyken side.
This is my earnest
and well reasoned last
will which if not
recognized as proper
... (missing text)

to be most valid and most abiding
and only this one valid
everything that should
contradict this
and formerly said gifts
I explicitly
collect, abolish
and annulate so that
only this my last will
be valid
[and] I will deposit
this my well reviewed
and thought over last will
for more security
with me or
at another court and
have it certificated
I swear this
to be truth
after being repeatedly
well thought over and
reviewed it was
signed at my own will
by myself and also
sealed with my own
seal. So happened
Wesel 15th July
on thousand seven
hundred sixty seven

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Agreement between Daniel Luyken and his brother-in-law Henrich Hannes on the payment of 1200 Dutch guilders (then a significant sum) by the last to settle all mutual claims from 21st April 1768 and with a receipt acknowledgement from 18th May 1768.

Kindly assisted by Dr. Joachim Halbekann, city archivist in Esslingen, Germany.

Mark on the left: TWELVE G. GROSCHEN (groats)

Accordingly after some disagreement between Mr. Daniel Luyken Senior
and his brother-in-law Mr. Hendrich Hannes,
mainly having its origin therein that
Mr. Luyken wants to liquidate the attached invoice
from 24th September 1764 for the time
during which his brother-in-law Mr. Hannes lived with him at home
amounting 70 R.1 per year for 27 years
from Michaelis (= September 29th) 1739 to 1766 with a total of 1890 R. and therefore
still demands 1138 R. and 56 ½ per saldo
but Mr. Hannes denies this board wages arguing that
he did not cause any board costs at Mr. Luyken's
as he helped in his business and besides that he
consumed the leasing receipts on the common goods at
Mr. Luykens household and also with the hitherto liquidations
there never was mention of board wages
and when in the year 1753 they were mentioned
up to then the interests on the credits and cash money
would work out to a considerable sum that had built up.
So in intercession between good friends this matter
is settled in mutual agreement as that

1. Mr. Hannes will and would pay Mr. Luyken once and forever
twelve hundred Dutch guilders or their value
instead of the mentioned invoice per saldo in amount
of 1138 R. 56½ :Kr. whereas
Mr. Hannes will renounce to all claims on Mr. Luyken
and on the other hand Mr. Luyken will wholly redeem his claims
on Mr. Hannes including the claims on the board wages
and therefore each one will have no claims on the other
because Mr. Hannes also claimed that several furniture pieces
were taken into Mr. Luyken's house which
were partly no longer in posession of Mr. Luyken
and partly worn out, so it is

2. agreed upon that Mr. Luyken will return to Mr. Hannes
the still available best bed with accesories,
Mr. Hannes on the contrary will resign the rest.

3. The available common documents will
further text unreadable due to missing edge in the scan

4. The income from the leases on the common goods
until then (?) ... therfore should be divided
if possible or willingly once for all right and friendly

Lastly both parties resign any evasions which
could be made against this mutual agreement as astucious,
beguilement, persuasion, not understood matter, infringement
on the half or partly, the return to the last situation
at all in genere and specie all and each as such
are or could be conceived in right, therefore
each resigns the other knowingly and conceivingly
without any concerns on behalf of the disputed posts
and on the here mentioned invoice. In manifest of
the verity of this agreement it is signed by own hand
by both parties and the mediator. So happened Wesel 21st April 1768

Daniel Luyken senior
S. L. Hammel as mediator

That brother Mr. Hannes today has paid me
the sum of twelve hundred Dutch
guilders agreed upon in this agreement
rightly and in cash
and therefore I have no more claims on him
which I acknowldege herewith gratefully.

Wesel 18th May 1768

Daniel Luyken

1 Probably abbreviation for Reichsthaler and its fraction unit Kreuzer

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Letter by Daniel Luyken to Hendrich Hannes' family
as indignant comment on the will of the latter

With kind assessment by
Ruth and Hans-Dieter Budelmann.

An old brother-in-law of my blessed deceased dear wife
and eldest brother in birth with whom
already in the actual month we lived for
50 years in the mentioned friendship and harmony
is (?) by a lamentable attitude of brother-in-law
Hend. Hannes this cultivated mellow friendship cannot
be overthrown for itself but in consideration of the
children existent on both sides by such a contemptuous testament.
An illegal testament in which
I am mentioned a a most (?)
and which states that nothing
should fall on the Luyken side.
From this previous (?)
a judicious reader will conclude that the testator
is looking for vengeance, therefore the unconciliable
character held in his heart - as you well know
and yourself often lamented - he felt compulsed
to compose such an abominable testament in order
to tear my heart! A testament
by which in my old years I am made a fool
and forced to act against my dignity
I myself want to quit with it
and let the Lord decide how far we Luykens(?)
will tolerate in written form(?)
how he aimed his unconciliable hatred
at me and the mines.
My current intention to that effect is to ask you
if the 50-year friendship can be
reestablished and if you would agree
that a compromise agreement on the inheritance
can be settled with both gentlemen sons
whom having a sane (?) understanding
I urge to consider and in the adverse case
I will see myself forced against my own will
to sue juncten eyden (?) according to the law
which will remain unforgotten in posterity
but waiting for an explanantion
I hope all contentious issues will be settled
and to be convinced about his last will (?)
remaining yours and your whole family's

May 5th 1777

Your brother-in-law
D. Luyken sen.

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