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Margaretha Hannes (1697-1749)
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Ludwigshafen, 8.9.2009

Margarteha Hannes, Generation 5, Ref.Nr. 05-023s (BK1342)

Born: 24.11.1697 in Wesel (Germany)
Died: 13.5.1749 in Wesel (Age: 53 years)

Father: Hendrich Hannes
Mother: Anna Maria Ernestine Schürmann

Spouse: Daniel II Luyken
Married: 4.5.1727 in Wesel

Anna Luyken (1728-1759)
Susanna Luyken (1729-1793)
Anna Maria Luyken (1731-1772)
Daniel III Luyken (1733-1807)
Heinrich Luyken (1735-1800)
Johann Everhard Luyken (1737-1819)

Picture Gallery Margaretha Hannes

Wesel, 25.5.1983
Memorial stone in the Willibrordi Cathedral

Detail of the memorial stone

Family crest on the memorial stone

Wesel, 25.5.1983
Willibrordi Cathedral

Memorial stone in better resolution

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