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Hermann Luyken (1805-1888)
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Ludwigshafen, 20.02.2022

Sophron Hermann Gerhard Luyken, Generation 8, Ref.Nr. 08-023 (BK0913)

Born: 06.07.1805 in Wallach near Wesel (Germany)
Died: 14.02.1888 in Wesel (Age: 82 years)

Occupation: Priest in Berge

Father: Arnold Luyken
Mother: Margaretha Schneider

Spouse: Wilhelmine Luyken
Married: 20.04.1836

Otto Luyken (1837-1917)
Hedwig Luyken (1838-1877)
Hermann Luyken (1840-1906)
Hermine Luyken (1842-1879)
Emil Luyken (1845-1906)
Johanne Luyken (1847-1913)
Martha Luyken (1850-1929)

Stammbaum Hermann Luyken

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Arnold Luyken

Hermann Luyken

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Hermann's foldable hand lantern

Pocket watch
Present to Martha
Christmas 1882

Pocket watch
Front side

Pocket watch
Rear side

To our
beloved daughter Mart-
as souvenir (only)
of her parents, and with
the wish that this
pocket watch will only mark
happy hours for her
Christmas 1882
Hermann Luyken
Wilhelime Luyken

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