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Elisabeth Hülsmann (1909-1991)
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Ludwigshafen, 30.6.2013

Elisabeth Katharina Hülsmann, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-113s (BK0983)

Born: 26.3.1909 in Bonn (Germany)
Died: 7.1.1991 in Mexico City (Age: 81 years)

Occupation: Deli-owner

Father: Theodor Hülsmann
Mother: Anna Puggé

Spouse: Walter Luyken
Married: 4.10.1929 in Veracruz (Mexico)

Hermann Luyken (*1930)
Hans Luyken (1933-2013)
Walter Luyken (1936-1969)
H. L. (*1941)

Biography Elisabeth Hülsmann

Elisabeth was born as the daughter of Theo Hülsmann and Anna Puggé. Theo, who was born in Ippendorf, was the owner of a butchery in the Klemens-August-Street in Bonn-Poppelsdorf. Elisabeth worked in the store as a seller and also delivered the ware to the client's house on bicycle. She read a lot and loved to dance. She eagerly visited carnival balls.

When Elisabeth married Walter she only was 20 years old. She was required to have the written permission of her parents as she was not still of age. The marriage request had come by letter from Mexico, where Walter had emmigrated. When she arrived in the port of Veracruz by ship Walter was waiting for her to marry her by the civil. An officer from the ship accompanied them to the civil court to make sure no trade of women was taking place. The laws from then required this.

Life with Walter was in the beginning adventurous as they first moved to the land in the state of Guerrero where Walter managed a poultry farm. The amenities of the big city were far away. The young couple was invited to lunch by the owner of the hacienda. Elisabeth stared not bad when he rinsed his mouth after eating, spit the water on the clay floor and then cleaned his mouth with the tablecloth.

After life on the land turned out to be too difficult the couple moved on to Mexico City. There they operated a deli with the name of "Bavaria" in which also imported German food was sold. During World War II though no goods from Germany could be imported so local and American delicacies were sold.

When the four children got older Walter decided Elisabeth should care for them so the deli was sold. Several years later they separated and Elisabeth opened another deli with the name of "Elite" which she run until retiring. The Elite was well known among the German expatriates in Mexico as here Germann food could be bought such as black bread, Eisbein (pork knuckles) or Rollmöpse (pickeld herring). The goods were often prepared in the own kitchen with German recepies and therefore very popular.

A hard blow of destiny was the unexpected death of son Walter. Sorrow accompanied her until the end of her life. She spent her retirement days withdrawn in her house in Mexico City where she died after a workful life in 1991. After being cremated she was put to rest in son Walter's tomb at the German Cemetery in Mexico City.

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Picture Gallery Elisabeth Hülsmann

Elisabeth's mother
Anna Puggé

Bonn, 1925
Theo Hülsmann's Deli

Elisabeth far right

Bonn, ca. 1929
Walter first row
5th from left

Detail last picture
Elisabeth back right
Gertrud Luyken back left

First living place? in Mexico
Guerrero state, Mexico
ca. 1929

Mexico City, 1.1.1931
Simona Hinsen, Walter and Elisabeth

Mexico City
Near the "Bavaria"

Mexico City, 1.3.1931
Elisabeth, Hermann jr. und Walter

Mexico City, 23.7.1933
Elisabeth, Hans, Walter and Hermann

Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico
September 1937
Elisabeth, Hans und Hermann

Königsforst near Bonn, 1939
Walter and Elisabeth

Königsforst near Bonn, 1939
Elisabeth, Walter, Hermann,
Hans and Elisabeth's grandfather

Mexico City, ca. 1945
Elisabeth and Walter

Mexico City, 1947
H. and Elisabeth

Mexico City, ca. 1949
Background: Hermann, Hans
Foreground: Walter jr., Elisabeth, Helga and Walter sr.

Sun pyramid, Teotihuacán, Mexico, 1949
H. and Elisasbeth

Mexico City, 1958
Elisabeth and grandson Robert

Mexico City, 28.12.1975
H., Hermann,
Elisabeth and Hans

Mexico City, 28.12.1975

Mexico City, ca. 1984
Granddaughter Elisabeth, great-granddaughter Ingrid and Elisabeth

Mexico City, ca. 1985
The "Elite"

Mexico City, ca. 1985

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