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Marianne Wittmann (1903-1996)
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Ludwigshafen, 18.3.2007

Marianne Wittmann, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-130s (BK1036)

Father: Paul Friedrich Wittmann
Mother: Margarethe Hengstenberg

Spouse: Paul Thilo

Born: 11.5.1903 in Hamm (Germany)
Died: 22.5.1996 in Hamm (Germany) (Age: 93 years)

Married: 19.4.1928 in Marf near Hamm (Germany)

Biography Marianne Wittmann

Married in 1928, by her father, Paul Wittmann who was a pastor, after just 3 years her husband Paul was tragically killed in a traffic accident. At the time Marianne was expecting their first child, unfortunately as a result of the accident, she lost the unborn child. Marianne never remarried and later returned to her home town of Hamm, where she lived happily with her sister, Lotti. She lived opposite a park, where they were frequent visitors enjoying the flowers and wild birds. They often travelled, including frequent visits to the wider family across Europe. In the early 1990's, she was seriously injured in a fire at her flat, which killed her sister.

Source: John Timson

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Picture Gallery Marianne Wittmann

April 1926
Marianne and Paul

April 1926
Marianne and Paul

April 1926
Marianne and Paul

Marf near Hamm, 19.4.1928
Marianne and Paul

June 1931
Paul and Marianne

Elizabeth and Marianne


Hamm, 1989
David, Marianne, John, Lotti and Chritopher

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