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John Timson (1911-1992)
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Ludwigshafen, 16.3.2011

John Arthur Timson, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-135s2 (BK1038)

Father: Not known
Mother: Mary Amanda Teear born Husbands Bosworth

Spouse: Elizabeth Thilo

Erica Timson (*1951)
John Timson (*1954)

Born: 21.4.1911 in Welford (near Northampton) (England)
Died: 23.11.1992 in Chelsea, London (England) (Age: 81 years)

Married: 28.12.1949 in Southall (near Newark) (England)

Occupation: Soldier and horseman

Biography John Timson

Born the son of a servant girl, John was adopted at an early age by Annie and Albert Timson, and his name changed to Timson. They lived in the market town of Lutterworth, near Leicester in England. At the age of 15 (he told them he was 16) he joined the Sherwood Foresters Regiment of the English army. In the next 22 years he served in many parts of the world, including India, Sudan, Jamaica, Palestine and North Africa. During the Second World War he transferred to the elite Commando group and was sent to Glasgow, Scotland for training. In Glasgow he met Isabella Dixon Kerr and married her in 1941. In 1942 his daughter, Jean Isabella Timson was born. He was posted away with the army in 1941 and saw service across Europe. He was held prisoner of war in Italy but escaped and at the end of the war was in Klagenfurt, Austria, where he met Elizabeth. In 1949 he returned to England, with Elizabeth, where he left the army. They married the following month. Over the following years he took many different jobs, usually working with horses which he enjoyed and was skilled at. He lived in Leicester until 1985, when he moved to Chelsea, London, where he became one of the famous "Chelsea Pensioners," living at The Royal Hospital, an entitlement from his army service. Although in a wheelchair, for his 80th birthday one of the horses he had trained was taken to Chelsea, where he was able to ride it around the grounds.

Source: John Timson (son), January 2007

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Picture Gallery John Timson

ca. 1913

Albert, Annie and John Timson

ca. 1950
At work with horses


1985 as pensioner
Chelsea, London, England

1991 (aged 80)
The Royal Hospital
Chelsea, London, England

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