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Irene Haensel (*1938)
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Ludwigshafen, 26.8.2008

Irene Haensel, Generation 12, Ref.Nr. 12-089d (BK0335) Branch Leu-C EL

Father: Albert Haensel
Mother: Ilse Kühn

Spouse: Richard Millard

Sonya Millard (*1969)
Fiona Millard (*1973)

Born: 18.9.1938 in Hamburg (Germany)

Married: 23.2.1968 in Hamburg (Germany)

Occupation: Physician assistant, masseuse

Location: London (England)

Biography Irene Haensel

I was born on September 18th, 1938 in Hamburg, the "little" sister of Helga and Helmut. I attended primary school, often interrupted due to the troubled times of World War II. Looking back, however, I remember a carefree, enjoyable childhood although at times unable to play outside as I had no shoes to wear. We enjoyed great freedom to play outside and roam through the moor at the end of the road - there were always plenty of children to play with. Our road, Woltersstrasse, was paved with cobble stones and was a ideal for playing - nobody owned a car at the time. The local police officer nicknamed "Schutzmann Bratkartoffel" (Fried Potato) knew all the children in the neighbourhood and when the gong sounded, the Haensels knew, that mother was calling.

By tram -No 14- in winter and by bicycle during summer I attended secondary and high school which I finished in 1955. Then followed a year at 'finishing' school for girls in Rottach Egern am Tegernsee (Bavaria). There I learnt all the things that would be most useful in later life - how to run a household, cook, clean, infant care, and much more.

Following Rottach I spent several years in England and France to study the languages and culture. In England I started training as a nurse followed by further training in Hamburg to qualify as a Doctor's assistant. I loved the profession, which I gave up four years later to marry Richard Millard (an Englishman, born 1944) on 23rd February 1968.

Richard worked for the British Bank of the Middle East as a banker. As we were going to live in the Middle East, I decided to take British citizenship. We were posted to Tripoli (1968) and Benghazi at the time of King Idris. While in Benghazi (1969) Colonel Qaddafi and his allies staged a Coup d'Etat. We lived on the main street and witnessed the commotion developing in front of us. We were glad to leave nine months later - not liking the political development.

After Lybia we were posted for two years to Alkhobar (1971), Saudi Arabia. Times were good: there was a houseboy, a chauffeur, a gardener - colonial times, bliss! As a woman I was not allowed to drive, nor work. Our daughter Sonya (born 1969) was chauffeured to nursery school and I was driven to do the shopping (so convenient). Richard's working hours were from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm, 6 days per week. We had plenty of time together as a family.

Other postings were to Dubai (1972) with a house on the beach, ideal for the children (Fiona born 1973) and Tangier/Morocco (1974). Sonya attended a french school and quickly overcame any language difficulties.

Richard changed from the British Bank of the Middle East and joined the Bank of Nova Scotia. His first posting was to open a new branch in Bahrain (1976) followed by postings to Frankfurt (1979), Dublin (1983) and finally returning to the City of London, where he retired from his banking career in 2003.

Our daughters attended boarding school from the age of nine on the Isle of Wight, close to their English grandparents. They enjoyed the long summer, Christmas and Easter holidays joining us overseas and many weekends with their grandparents.

Whilst Richard pursued his career, I took whatever work I could get as a secretary. My knowledge of languages was most useful and I am continuing to work beyond retirement to this day (2007). Whilst in Ireland I added qualifications as a masseuse to my previous medical activities which I continue to practice - it has given me so much deeper an understanding of the human body.

For almost 20 years we have been living in East Molesey, Molember Road, between the rivers Mole and Ember, which join downstream the Thames at nearby Hampton Court Palace. The towpath along the Thames towards Kingston upon Thames (for shopping) or the two Royal Parks (Hampton Court and vis-à-vis Bushy Park) are our local walking and cycling destinations. The remaining time is for gardening, visits to museums & art exhibitions, theatre & concerts. London offers endless opportunities and such varied cultural possibilities.

Visiting family & friends, near and far, are our favoured destinations. Other places we enjoyed seeing were HongKong, Bali, Thailand, Mauritius, the Seychelles and not to forget the cycle trip from Passau to Vienna with Richard in 2006.

The 'boots for walking' have not yet been mothballed. There are so many places I would love to see. Let's see what the future will bring...

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Picture Gallery Irene Haensel

Hamburg (Wolterstraße), 1939
Irene and Helga

Hamburg, 1939
Albert, Helmut, Irene,
Helga and Ilse

Hamburg, 1939
Helga, Irene and Helmut

Hamburg, 1939
Helga, Irene and Helmut

Hamburg, 1939
Irene and Helmut

Timmendorfer Strand, ca. 1940
Ilse and Irene

Timmendorfer Strand, ca. 1940
(Evacuated from Hamburg)

Timmendorfer Strand, 1940
Ilse, Irene Helmut and Helga

Hamburg, 1944
Irene, Helmut, Helga and Ilse

Hamburg, Großborstel, 1944
Wolterstraße 10
First day at school

Hamburg, Großborstel, 1944
Wolterstraße 10
First day at school

Hamburg, 1944
Albert, Ilse,
Helmut, Irene and Helga

Chsristams 1954
Helga,Hulda Leuken,Hans-Walter Kühn, Irene, Ilse

Confirmation, 1954
Ilse, Irene and Albert

Hamburg, ca. 1956
Irene, Helmut and Helga

Hamburg-Eppendorf, 23.2.1968
Helmut, Irene, Richard und Astrid

Hamburg-Eppendorf, 23.2.1968

Ra's Tannurah, Saudi Arabia
April 1972

Hamburg, ca. 1985
Ilse, Hans-Walter Kühn, Irene, Richard, Fiona

50th birthday
Highbank, East Molesey
Richard, Irene,
Fiona and Sonya

Bensheim, 27.5.2005
Family meeting 2005
Irene far right

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Internal inks
• Report "Living in Libya 1968", family bulletin 1971, page 378 (German)
• Report "Living in Saudi-Arabia 1971", family bulletin 1971, page 381 (German)

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