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Eberhard Cranz (1894-1969)
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Ludwigshafen, 19.9.

Eberhard Friedrich Wilhelm Gotthelf Cranz, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11bk1863s (BK1925)

Born: 12.11.1894 in Gnesen (then Germany, now Poland)
Died: 8.2.1969 in Berlin (Berlin) (Age: 74 years)

Occupation: Marien lieutenant, major at the Flying Corps

Father: Wilhelm Cranz
Mother: Katharina Kupfer

Spouse: Emma Neuhaus
Married: 28.10.1920 in ?

H. Cranz (*1921)
E. Cranz (*1923)
Brigitte Cranz (*1926)
M.-L. Cranz (*1930)
Erika Cranz (*1934)

2. Spouse: Grete Wiese
Married: 13.9.1940 in ?

Biography Eberhard Cranz

Eberhard Cranz was a friend of Gotthard Sachsenberg. During WWI he was member of the German Navy Flying Corps. In 1920 together with Sachsenberg he founded the "Ostdeutschen Landwerkstätten GmbH" (OLA) and later Lloyd Ostflug GmbH. In December 1922 he joined Junkers Luftverkehr and became manager of the Berlin office. In 1926 he became head of Severa, the Luft Hansa Coastal Airline. In 1934 he took over responsiblity at Luftdienst GmbH.

Source: Junkers

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