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Lina Bagel (1836-1908)
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Ludwigshafen, 4.4.2010

Karoline ("Lina") Bagel, Generation 9, Ref.Nr. 09-002s (BK0002)

Born: 3.8.1836 in Wesel (Germany)
Died: 28.2.1908 in Wesel (Germany) (Age: 71 years)

Father: August Bagel
Mother: Karoline Uhlenbruck

Spouse: Daniel VI Luyken
Married: 9.5.1859 in ?

Auguste Luyken (1860-1908)
Bertha Luyken (1861-1939)
Daniel VII Luyken (1864-1920)
Alfred Luyken (1867-1929)

Picture Gallery Lina Bagel

Marie, Georg, Maria, Christian,
Wilhelm, Anna, Daniel and Lina

Wesel, July 1953
The "Karolinenheim" (a youth center),
named after Lina

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News clipping ("Der Westen") on the "Karolinenheim" in Wesel (German)

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