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Fritz Luyken (1879-1931)
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Ludwigshafen, 14.2.2009

Fritz Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-085 (BK0936) Branch WB-H

Father: Hermann Luyken
Mother: Luise Hesse

Spouse: Maragretha Roth

Juliane Luyken (1914-2001)
Marie-Luise Luyken (1916-1983)
Ingeborg Luyken (1919-2001)

Born: 29.1.1879 in Berge (Germany)
Died: 20.5.1931 in Hersilia, Provincia de Santa F (Argentina) (Age: 52 years)

Married: 29.12.1912 in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Occupation: Farmer

Picture Gallery Fritz Luyken

Rudolf, Mimi, Dorothea,
Hermann, Grete, Louise,
Fritz, Hedwig and Gerhard

Rear side

Fritz and Margaretha

Bonn (Germany), March 1907

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