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Carola Hammacher (1908-2000)
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Ludwigshafen, 25.12.2011

Carola Dorothea Viktoria Hammacher, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-119 (BK1962) Branch WB

Born: 25.4.1908 in Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Died: 17.6.2000 in Bad Dürrheim (Germany) (Age: 92 years)

Occupation: Healer in Albstadt-Ebingen

Father: Wilhelm Hammacher
Mother: Victoria Vickers

Picture Gallery Carola Hammacher

72458 Albstadt d. 15.6.93
Dear Christel!
I found the attached while tidying up
for your convenience. Later more.
CA. Carola

This picture album
was withdrawn from the rubble
of our house.
It evokes some
dear souvenirs
on my lovely youth.
CA Hammacher


View of the Wyler Berg

Dining room in the house
at the Wyler Berg
Carola, Hans-Günther and Victoria

View of the Wyler Berg

Villa Carola from the side

Friend from Carola

Villa Carola from the front

Villa Carola from the front

Hans-Günther, ? and Carola

Hans-Günther and Carola

View of the Wyler Berg

Carola, Victoria and Hans-Günther

View of the Wyler Berg

Christmas tree in Villa Carola

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