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Martin Thilo (1908-1984)
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Ludwigshafen, 22.2.2017

Martin Eduard Ulrich Thilo, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-149 (BK1588) Branch WB EL

Born: 11.7.1908 in Enger in Westphalia (Germany)
Died: 3.5.1984 in Cologne (Germany) (Age: ? years)

Occupation: ?

Father: Martin Thilo
Mother: Johanna Thilo

Spouse: Erna Fahl
Married: 26.6.1953 in ?

Picture Gallery Martin Thilo

ca. 1910
Hanna, Martin and Martin

Rear side:
"Warmest Easter greetings to you loved ones
your big and little (Martin?)
and your Hanna
Langenfeld in Ma..."

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