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Klaus Stengel (1942-2007)
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Ludwigshafen, 8.8.2010

Klaus Christian Wolrad Stengel, Generation 13, Ref.Nr. 13bk2636 (BK2636) Branch A U2EL (Great-grandchildren)

Born: ?.?.1942 in Königsberg (then Germany, now Russia)
Died: 26.5.2007 in Concepción (Chile) (Age: 65 years)

Occupation: Marine captain and enterpriser, co-owner of "Pesquera Bío Bío" in Chile

Father: Walter Stengel
Mother: Margot Meierdirks

Spouse: Ebedit Garda
Married: ? in ?

Addy Stengel (*?)
Katherine Stengel (*?)

Biography Klaus Stengel

Concepción, Chile, Sunday May 27th 2007

Klaus Stengel:
Fishing Enterpriser

Together with his brothers he undertook several comercial enterprises.

The fishing enterpriser of German origin Klaus Christian Wolrad Stengel Meierdirks, who died 65 years of age, was buried at Parque San Pedro Cemetery of Concepción.

At the Lutheran Church, to which he belonged, workers, managers and friends, who knew about his long fight against the illness that afflicted him and which didn't prevent him from working as director of the company he founded together with his brothers Jan and Frank to the last day, took leave of his remains in deep mourning as he always had been close to them.

Klaus' live proceeded together with those of his two brothers, who assumed the same challenges and similar ventures. Therefore when referring to his activities one has always to look at the trio who during all the years showed a tenacity which is difficult to compare.

They arrived in Chile from Cuxhaven which is situated at the estuary of the River Elbe in Germany on board a fishin trawler after an 81 day crossing.

That happened after the war, in mid 1955, when Walter Stengel and his wife Margot decided to travel to Chile with their three sons to take over Quirina Fisheries in Talcahuano.

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