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Friedhelm von Pilgrim (1862-1943)
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Ludwigshafen, 28.03.2023

Friedrich Wilhelm ("Friedhelm") Karl Adolf von Pilgrim, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-074s (BK1968)

Father: Friedrich von Pilgrim
Born: 30.7.1862 in Münster in Westphalia (Germany)
Died: 20.12.1943 in Karlsruhe (Germany) (Age: 80 years)

Mother: Luise Auguste Liebrecht

Occupation: Lieutenant colonel

Spouse: Lydia Hammacher
Married: 27.09.1888 in ?

Friedrich von Pilgrim (1895-1978)
Hedwig von Pilgrim (1896-1962)
Max von Pilgrim (1900-1984)

Picture Gallery Friedhelm von Pilgrim

ca. 1880
As lieutenant

Fritz, Friedhelm and Max

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Letters Friedhelm von Pilgrim

Karlsruhe, 31.12.1933

My dear Fritz!

I thank you for
your letter which
made me very happy
and which I received
the day before yesterday
and send you and the yours
my best wishes for the new year.
May all of your hopes be fulfilled
in 1934 for all of you. Hedwig
and my sister Elisabeth join me
in my wishes greeting you sincerely.
It is very uncertain if I
will be able to come to Berlin
once again (: to the
"Green Week" surely not :)
And if I have to
eventually at the end of October,
then the available time will not
be enough to come to Johannisthal.

Today I call in with my
picture and greet you sincerely
as your faithful uncle

Friedhelm v. Pilgirm

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