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Otto Luyken (1884-1953)
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Otto Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-098 (BK0942) Branch WB

Born: 4.11.1884 in Siegen (Germany)
Died: 3.2.1953 in Weener/Ems (Germany) (Age: 68 years)

Occupation: Gardener, director of the "Baumschulen Hesse" (tree nursery)

Father: Emil Luyken
Mother: Johanna Hesse

Biography Otto Luyken

Otto Luyken bred the cherry laurel which is named after him.

Otto went to school in Siegen (Germany) and then started an apprenticeship in gardening in Belgium and England. After participating in World War I he started working at the "Baumschulen Hesse" (a tree nursery) in Weener (Germany) and later became the director of the nursery. Thanks to him the nursery attained a high grade and was well known. The house in Siegen was destroyed partially during Wolrd War II during a bombing and was later restored.

During World War II Otto was drawn again for a longer period and came back sick. A lung dilatation caused him great affliction. After his death in 1953 the tree nursery couldn't be kept in family ownership.

The "Baumschulen Hesse" were founded 1879 by Hermann A. Hesse (1852-1937). The "Otto Luyken" cherry laurel was selected by the nursery in 1940 and introduced to trade in 1953 (Otto's death year).

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