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Werner Kehl (1887-1943)
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Ludwigshafen, 18.8.2012

Werner Gustav Richard Hermann Kehl, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-124 (BK1855) Branch WW2 EL

Born: 27.3.1887 in Bochum (Germany)
Died: 4.1.1943 at a train accident in ? (Age: 55 years)

Occupation: Court council, vice director of the Deutsche Bank in Berlin

Father: Gustav Kehl
Mother: Emmy Brockhoff

Spouse: Auguste Cohnitz
Married: 15.1.1916 in ?

E. B. Kehl (*1920)
C. D. Kehl (*1922)
W.-G. Kehl (*1931)

Biography Werner Kehl

He was the son of a factory owner and started working at the Deutsche Bank office in Düsseldorf after completing his law studies in November 1919, where he ascended to the post of director in a few years (1922). At the Berlin headquarters, Kehl soon raised attention after he closed several major deals at the Rhine-Westphalia industrial district. As early as 1926 he became deputy member and in 1928 ordinary member of the board of Deutsche Bank. His duties mainly consisted in the maintenance of the west German industry relationships.

During the concentration efforts in the 1920s Kehl succeeded in several spectacular transactions, e.g. the fusion of Hammersen and Dierig into the largest German cotton corporation, the creation of the Westwaggon Trust and also the incorporation of the Essen Black Coal Works into the Gelsenkirchen Mining Company. However, the failed financing of the United Electricity Works Westphalia weakened his position at the board. The manipulations of a director from a Düsseldorf agency who had defalcated an amount in the millions - the agency in Düsseldorf fell into his responsibility - moved him to resign from the board of the Deutsche Bank in 1932.

Werner Kehl died in early 1943 at a train accident.

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