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Gustav Berring (1829-1920)
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Ludwigshafen, 2.9.2007

Gustav Berring, Generation 9, Ref.Nr. 09-026s (BK1464)

Father: ?
Mother: ?

Spouse: Agnes Luyken

Hedwig Berring (1865-?)
Max Berring (1866-?)

Born: 18.8.1829 in Neusalzwerk near Rehme (Dennhausen, Germany)
Died: 2.8.1920 in Koblenz (Germany) (Age: 90 years)

Married: 15.9.1864 in ?

Occupation: Civil engineer

Biography Gustav Berring

Gustav B. finished 1849 grammar school in Minden, became underground engineer in 1856 and structural engineer in 1858. From 1863 to 1864 he was royal master builder for the government in Arnsberg, until 1866 county master builder in Hoyerswerda, until 1872 building inspector in Berlin, Lennep and Krefeld, until 1877 senior building inspector, then government and building council in Oppeln and until end 1895 Rhine River building director and privy council in Coblenz.

Since the early death of his wife Agnes Gustav B. lived together with his umarried sister Mina Berring, who died on March 13th 1921 aged 93, kept the household and helped rise the children.

Source: Death announcement family bulletin 1921, page 8

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