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Ludwigshafen, 26.7.2009

Carl Wilhlem Gustav Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-043 (BK0356) Branch WA-E

Born: 5.3.1873 in Pawelwitz near Breslau (then Germany, now Poland)
Died: 11.9.1914 in Hannover (Germany) (Age: 41 years)

Occupation: Judge in Hannover (Germany)

Father: Edmund Luyken
Mother: Elisabeth Meister

Spouse: Clara von Biber-Palubicki
Married: 3.10.1903 in Düsseldorf (Germany)

Edmund Luyken (1904-1941)
Alfred Luyken (1906-1944)
Hans Werner Luyken (1913-1996)

Biography Gustav Luyken

The birth of Gustav as the first heir of the Ansberg-Branch was celebrated by his parents with great joy. His godfather Gustav Berring wrote a thorough report to the grandparents which is kept as an interesting picture of the time in the journals.

In 1877 his parents moved to Düsseldorf. There Gustav went to the Royal Grammar School from which he graduated on Easter 1892. He started studying law in Straßburg and entered Korps Rhenania (a student's association). During his first duel at the end of the summer term the student-physician of the association noticed his short and acute breath. He diagnosed a lung illness and arranged for his immediate deposition. Gustav went into rehabilitation to Badenweiler. Later he started his study again in Bonn, being for rehabilitation in Davos, Beatenburg and Hoehenhonnef. In 1897 he passed the first juristical examination in Cologne.

During the next years Gustav cared mostly about his health. As the climate in Egypt seemed especially appropriate and as he wished to work during a longer stay there he was allowed to work as pupil barrister at the German office of the International Court of Justice in Cairo. There he stayed for a year which was aknowledged for his period of education. Then he went on a sailing ship for six months to Buenos Aires and returned home well refreshed. At the beginning of 1901 he passed his Great Law Examination and was nominated court assessor afterwards.

After an interim job as helper of the justitiary at the Prussian Bond Bank in Berlin Gustav attained a commission at the district court in Bensberg on October 1st 1903. There he stayed - now married to Clara von Biber-Palubicki - as judge and later as supervisor judge until 1912. Then he moved as count court judge to Hannover and at the beginning of 1914 attained an advisory judge post at the supreme district court in Celle. After a short illness he died in Spetember 1914 at the age of only 41 and short of 8 years of being very happily married.

Of his three sons Edmund and Alfred fell during World War II.

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Picture Gallery Gustav Luyken

Clara and Gustav

Bensberg, Kadettenhaus

Bensberg, Kadettenhaus
Gustav Luyken, Günther Mathies, Kurt Henke,
Wilhelm Amsel, Mrs. Henke

Bensberg, 1911
Lecturer Amsel, judge Luyken, Mrs. Stuckert,
Mrs. Luyken, medical officer Stuckert

"The Luyken-Cousins"
Karl, Paul, Max, Gustav,
Walter, Ernst (?), Wilhelm (?)
The cousins are unfortunately all gone
in all wind directions
but surely they would like to
join our greetings. Sincere greetings your Max
Best greetings Paul Luyken
Sincere greetings! Walter Luyken

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