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Ludwigshafen, 14.6.2009

Hans Werner Luyken, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11047 (BK0387) Branch WA-E

Born: 15.4.1913 in Hannover (Germany)
Died: 30.3.1996 in Australia (Age: 82 years)

Occupation: Tradesman

Father: Gustav Luyken
Mother: Clara von Biber-Palubicki

Spouse: Lucie Mench
Married: 18.10.1937 in Melbourne (Australia)

Robert Luyken (*1939)

Stammbaum Hans Luyken

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Johann Arnold Luyken

Gustav Luyken

Edmund Luyken

Gustav Luyken

Hans Luyken

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Biography Hans Luyken

At the beginning of May 1931 Hans began a career in the chemical industry starting with a cadetship at Chemical Combine IG Farbinindustrie. In 1933 he was sent by the IG to work in Belgium, where he met Lucie Anna Mench. He left Belgium in 1936. When he returned to Germany the Dyestuffs Business offered him a posting in either Japan or Australia, He chose Australia on the basis he would be the only representative of the IG. He sailed on November 30 1936 with Lucie to follow, he arrived in Melbourne on January 1937, and from here he sailed to Sydney, where upon arrival he was taken to the offices of Dyechem Trading.

On October 17 1937 Lucie arrived on the Orion, they were married the next day at the Lutheran Church in Melbourne. On July 4th 1939 son Robert Edmund was born.

On September 4th, the day after war was declared, Hans was taken to internment camp for the remainder of the war: 6 years and 5 months. In 1947 Henry York met with him and he was again employed by his firm. When Henry H. York was finally wound up in 1965, Hans became the founding managing director of Bayer Australia Limited.

Hans’ importance to Australia’s chemical industry was vast. He established an important film developing centre at Nunawading in Victoria. He imported chemicals of great importance to Australia’s rural industries and later established a very successful agricultural research station in Queensland. He established Bayer New Zealand Limited and also oversaw Bayer’s Sydney manufacturing complex, he was also involved in one of Australia’s most costly and lengthy court cases, when Bayer successfully challenged the American drug company Starling for the return of its distinctive corporate Logo. He was involved in all aspects of Australia’s chemical industry in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, pesticides, plastics, dyestuffs and photographics.

Source: Suzette Luyken (February 2008)

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Picture Gallery Hans Luyken

Travel guide Australia
by Hans Luyken

Travel guide Australia
First page

Hans W. Luyken was born in Hannover (Germany). His occupation in a large German chemical company led him first to Belgium and then to Australia where he became domestic. He traveled all through the Australian continent and writes about the country from a perspective of a widely interested and critical observer. Hans W. Luyken lives now in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, one of the loveliest regions in Australia.

Alfred, Hans and Edmund

Düsseldorf (Gemany), 1926

Lucie and Hans

Lucie and Hans

Lucie and Hans

Burradoo, NSW, Australia
Belinda, Annette, Penelope,
Robert, Lucie and Hans


Hans and Penelope

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