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Hermine Thilo (1874-1927)
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Ludwigshafen, 14.6.2009

Hermine Johanna Thilo, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-094 (BK1605) Branch WB KL

Born: 15.2.1874 in Borgholzhausen (Germany)
Died: 2.11.1927 in Munich (Germany) (Age: 53 years)

Father: Eduard Thilo
Mother: Hermine Luyken

Spouse: Franz Machatius
Married: 7.8.1897 in Lörshof Estate near Wesel (Germany)

Ilse Machatius (1898-1974)

Picture Gallery Hermine Thilo

ca. 1880
Martin, Hermine and Hans

July 1881
Hermine and Lydia

Rear side

Hermine, Ilse and Franz

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