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Albert Luyken (1785-1867)
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Ludwigshafen, 2.12.2010

Johann Albert Luyken, Generation 7, Ref.Nr. 07-018 (BK0840) Branch WL

Father: Daniel III Luyken
Mother: Christina Gertrutha Löhr

Born: 21.12.1785 in Wesel
Died: 10.4.1867 in Gut Landfort (Netherlands) (Age: 81 years)

Occupation: Ophthalmologist

1. Spouse: Christina Luyken
Married: 14.5.1822 in ?

Daniel Walter Luyken (1823-1823)
Walter Luyken (1825-1846)
Christine Maria Luyken (1826-1826)

2. Spouse: Emma Viebahn
Married: 24.9.1850 in Hamm (Germany)

Albertina Luyken (1852-1908)
Helene Luyken (1853-1945)
Albert Luyken (1856-1933)
Emma Luyken (1858-1947)
Carl Luyken (1862-1938)

Biography Albert Luyken

Albert bought 1823 Landfort Manor for his sister Christina Margaretha, widow of Bernhard Hendrik Daniel Waltmann.

Source: Website Kastelen in Gelderland

Johann Albert traveled through all of Europe. His diaries (written in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and often in Latin) are currently being revised by his great-grandson Albert. The lichens Luykenia trevis (after Trevisan, Napels), subdivided into Luykenia angiocarpis and Luykenia gymocarpis, were named after him. His huge herbarium with 40 000 plants, many of which are extinct now, is now in Munster (Germany). He always wrote that the paper the plants were sowed onto was so expensive. It is thanks to this expensive paper that today, 200 :years thereafter, the colors of the flowers are still recognizable.

(From a letter by Albert on 17.6.2007)

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Picture Gallery Albert Luyken

Landfort Estate

Landfort Estate

Landfort Estate

Landfort Estate

Albert's Herbarium at the
LWL-Museum for Natural History
in Münster

Albert's Herbarium at the
LWL-Museum for Natural History
in Münster

Great-grandchild Albert (at left)
visiting the herbarium

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