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Daniel Thilo (1868-1943)
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Ludwigshafen, 20.02.2022

Daniel Hermann Wolrad Thilo, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-091 (BK0855)

Born: 19.09.1868 in Münster (Germany)
Died: 21.08.1943 in Potsdam (Germany) (Age: 74 years)

Occupation: Ministerial council in the Post Ministry of the Reich

Father: Eduard Thilo
Mother: Hermine Luyken

Spouse: Emma Kleemann
Married: 21.09.1899 in Konstanz (Germany)

Walther Thilo (1900-1945)
Anna Thilo (1902-1994)
Martha Thilo (1903-1989)
Günther Thilo (1904-1945)
Rudolf Thilo (1905-1992)

Biography Daniel Thilo

1880-1887 grammar school in Gütersloh. After graduating 1887 beginning as a higher postal clerk. Education in the regional posatl districts of Minden (Westphalia) and Frankfurt (Main). 1890/91 interrupted by a one-year voluntary military service at the infantry regiment in Konstanz where he later did all drills as a reservist. 1892 -1895 at the postal service in German East Afrika (Dar es Salaam, Pangani, Kilwa). 1859 -1898 in Berlin, during that time half a year at the Reich's Postal Office. 1898 taking of the higher administration examination for posts and telegraphy predated to 1895. 1898/1899 in Düsseldorf, then 8 years in Berlin (6 of which at the Reich's Postal Office). 1907 - 1911 in Straßburg (Alsace). 1911 Postrat at the higher postal administration in Berlin. 1915 -1918 in Brussels at the "German Postal and Telegraphy Administration in Belgium". March 1919 assigned to the Reich's Postal Ministry, where he became 1920 higher postal clerk, 1924 ministry council and 1924 president of the supreme postal direction in Potsdam. Retired on 1.1.1934 due to reaching the age limit.

Iron Cross 2nd class, Prussian Cross of Merit for war aid, Prussian Land Defense Condecoration 1st class

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Picture Gallery Daniel Thilo

ca. 1880
Eduard and Daniel

Constance, August 1891

Rear side

Emma and Daniel
Düsseldorf, Germany, April 1899

Rear side


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