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Fritz Thilo (1904-1945)
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Ludwigshafen, 30.10.2009

Fritz Werner Thilo, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-132 (BK0958) Branch WB-H KL

Born: 11.1.1904 in Weener (East Frisia, Germany)
Died: 8.4.1945 in Hof/Saale (Germany) by an airplane bomb (Age: 41 years)

Occupation: Chemist (Dr. phil.)

Father: Eduard Thilo
Mother: Wilhelmine Luyken

Spouse: Eva Eckstein
Married: 25.5.1939 in Georgenthal (Germany)

Stammbaum Fritz Thilo

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Arnold Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Wilhelmine Luyken

Fritz Thilo

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Biography Fritz Thilo

Fritz was employed by the German army during the war as a scientist in relation to an adhesive that he had developed for use on airplanes. In the last week of the war he was on a train that was struck by Allied bombs. Survivors were taken prisoner by the approaching Russian army. Fritz was never identified by anyone after the bombing, but his identification papers were found in a field, intact, away from the train. His name appears on the family grave at Mödling, but he was never found.

Source: John Timson

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Picture Gallery Fritz Thilo

ca. 1905
Paul, Margartehe and Fritz

Bonn, Germany
Margartehe, Paul and Fritz

St. Pölten, Austria
ca. 1906
Fritz, Margartehe and Paul

St. Pölten, Austria
ca. 1906
Paul, Margartehe and Fritz

ca. 1914
Margarethe and Fritz

ca. 1935

ca. 1940

Celebration of the parents' silver wedding 1925
Rear: Paul, Wilhelmine, Elizabeth, Eduard
Middle: Fritz, Margarethe, ?
Front: Hedwig and Hildegard

Eva's and Fritz's wedding

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• Obituary Eva Eckstein, family bulletin 1988, page 213 (German)

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