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Ludwigshafen, 26.6.2014

26.6.2014Pictures Ernst Luyken
25.12.2011Pictures and biographies Victoria Vickers, Carola Hammacher und Hans-Günther Hammacher
1.5.2011Biography Wilhelm Benoit
26.10.2010Report herbarium LWL-Museum for Natural History with Albert Luyken
8.4.2010Pictures Hermine Stader
21.2.2010Genealogy and pictures Johanne Luyken and Ernst Röhrig
28.1.2010Remembering Martha Luyken
26.12.2009Document from 21.4.1768 on the agreement in the dispute between Daniel II Luyken and Hendrich Hannes
19.12.2009Pictures and books Theodor Löbsack
3.12.2009Family bulletin 1957 text complete (German)
6.11.2009Biography and pictures Karl Kerlen
31.7.2009News clipping Karolinenheim in Wesel
26.7.2009Report on the Kerguelen-Expedition by Karl Luyken
28.6.2009Pictures Ilse Machatius
25.6.2009Pictures Martin Thilo
14.6.2009Pictures Elizabeth Thilo
11.5.2009Family bulletin 1953, text complete (German)
3.5.2009Family bulletin 1927, text complete (German)
14.2.2009Pictures Bertha Luyken and descendants
2.1.2009Letters Antonie, Ida, Ewald and Hermann Luyken
2.12.2008Letters Otto Luyken
9.11.2008Story of Löhrshof Estate (letter from Ilse and Jürgen Gürtzgen)
25.10.2008Pictures Gerdrutha Luyken and Friedrich Kehl
22.10.2008Picture Ening Lorenz
21.10.2008Pictures Family meeting 1966 in Duisburg
20.10.2008Pictures Emma Luyken and Arnold Hilger
18.10.2008Pictures Family meeting 1963 in Hamburg
12.10.2008Picture Family meeting 1958 in Hannover
11.10.2008Picture Family meeting 1939 in Wesel
28.9.2008Pictures Hellmut Hilger and descendants as well as Emmi Hilger
25.9.2008Wedding Siân Luyken and James Curley
22.9.2008Book Walter Luyken
13.9.2008Family bulletin 1929, text complete (German)
6.9.2008Picture Emma Hammacher
5.9.2008Picture Uta Eckardt
3.9.2008Pictures Ulrike Schmidt
10.8.2008Picture Ute Leuken
9.8.2008Pictures Gisela Poser
9.8.2008Pictures Margareta Luyken
27.7.2008Pictures Mathilde Kehl
22.5.2008Family bulletin 1925 text compelete (German)
7.5.2008Bilder Wolfgang Poser
7.5.2008Pictures Esther Luyken
4.5.2008Pictures Helene Luyken
1.5.2008Pictures Liselotte Luyken
29.4.2008Pictures Julie Hinsen
6.4.2008Pictures family meeting 1913 in Arnsberg and family meeting 1926 in Wesel
22.3.2008Letter and travel report Vietnam by Wolf-Heinrich Hetzer
18.3.2008Pictures Gerd Luyken und Ernst Luyken
6.3.2008Pictures Edmund, Alfred und Hans Luyken
2.3.2008Pictures Luke Maguire
1.3.2008Pictures Katarina Luyken, John Luyken und Maria Morgan
1.3.2008Pictures Corinna Luyken
28.2.2008Pictures Suzette Luyken
26.1.2008Pictures Marianne Luyken und Carla Fekete
19.1.2008Pictures Lina Luyken and Hugo Kämper
6.1.2008Max Kämper's page
30.12.2007German South Pole Expedition Karl Luyken
29.12.2007Picture Ulrike Luyken
26.12.2007Pictures Martin und Heiko Schindler
25.12.2007Pictures Renate Küppers
24.12.2007Pictures Carl-Wilhelm Kölker
24.12.2007Pictures Marliese Kölker
24.12.2007Pictures Hedwig Luyken
22.12.2007Pictures Andrea Luyken
22.12.2007Christmas letter Doris-Annette Schmidt
22.12.2007Pictures Reiner Luyken and family
21.11.2007Pictures Hermann Luyken and Louise Hesse
18.11.2007Pictures Hildegard Thilo and Hedwig Thilo
17.11.2007Pictures Margarethe Thilo, Fritz Thilo and Eva Eckstein
10.11.2007Pictures Wilhelmine Luyken und Eduard Thilo
1.11.2007Pictures Hans Luyken
28.10.2007Pictures Hermann Luyken
11.8.2007Family bulletin 1924 text complete
9.8.2007Picture Family Meeitng 1981 Bad Homburg
22.7.2007Pictures Christopher and Carly Luyken
8.7.2007Pictures Hermann Luyken
30.6.2007Pictures Albert Luyken and family
1.5.2007Pictures Hulda Leuken
29.4.2007List "Biographies with Pictures"
29.4.2007Pictures and biography Carl Luyken / Amanda Blasberg
19.4.2007Family bulletins 1921 und 1922 text compelete (German)
6.4.2007Pictures and biography Irene Millard
25.3.2007Family bulletins 1921 - 1936
21.1.2007Charter of the family association
19.8.2006Annabel Luyken scores top marks in art
25.6.2006German South Pole Expedition (1901-1903) Karl Luyken
6.1.2006 Wedding Elisabeth Luyken and Johann Sujer
16.12.2005Report on the family meeting 2005 in Bensheim
10.12.2005Travel Report Chile by Hermann Luyken
5.12.2005Andrea Luyken wins price at the German federal contest on foreign languages (German)
29.10.2005Book by Doris-Annette Schmidt (German)